Not only I was able to learn about technical aspects of science, but I was also exposed to the reality of the scientific society, including the circulation of the job market and the importance of networking, and I believe this was the most important aspect of this program: the opportunity to connect with others, stepping out of your comfort zone, and ultimately developing social attributes that are necessary to succeed in society. The social feature of this camp was one of the characteristics that made this experience unique.
I am really glad that there is a program like the YSTLC to show young people what it means to be work in the STEM field. I personally already knew I wanted to become a physicist or an engineer but participating in this camp really solidified this interest and helped me see and experience what it means to work in those fields. YSTLC also provided me with great insight into the academic field and how high schoolers can start getting involved.
I thought this camp would be same as other camps which would just tour the college and learning about science. But this camp was different. We toured the college and we went into the lab and saw what they were doing and we were able to see the things that not everyone is allowed to go in. That was possible because of this camp. Looking inside of the lab and seeing what they are doing made me have more passion in science and in research.
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