The Youth Science and Technology Leadership Camp (YSTLC) was launched in 2016 to provide Korean-American high school students interested in STEM with an immersive experience at a deeper level.

Organized by university professors from diverse disciplines, YSTLC takes a  multi-faceted approach for participants to further knowledge in science and technology, learn about various STEM majors and professions, and be inspired to pursue their dreams as future scientists and engineers. This is accomplished through university and government lab visits, participating in the US-Korea Conference (UKC) – the largest Korean STEM professional conference in the US, networking with renowned scientists, engaging in hands-on science team projects, and cultural excursions. Feedback from participants have been overwhelmingly positive. 

YSTLC is continuously evolving to adapt to the constantly changing landscape in STEM research and education. New in 2019 is a chance to compete for YSTLC 2020 Summer Research Internship available exclusively to participants.

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